Bar Trade Control - Example Stocktaking Reports

As we have designed the software ourselves we can tailor the reports to suit your individual needs. Or we can add other KPIs or features to suit your business.

Beverage Report

This shows a summary of your beverage trade during the period highlighting Variances by Group, % Gross Profit, % Group Sales and Summaries of Stocks and Deliveries. We also can add other features like Top 10s or performance graphs, See other reports below.

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Detailed Variance Report

The Variance is the difference between what stock you SHOULD have and what you ACTUALLY have. ie if there is "Shrinkage" it will show as a negative value. If you are missing 11 pints of Coors after Trays, Spillage and Line Cleaning etc are accounted for it will show on the report as -0/-11 and we will show this at cost or retail value as well. This is repeated for each line of stock you have.

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Detailed Stock Valuation Report

This report is a Detailed Stock Valuation report for the purposes of End of Year or Change of Ownership. With individual costs and quantities clearly shown. We can also video the stock as backup proof.

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Food Gross Profit Report

We also can provide a Food Stocktake to add to your business reporting. This will show your Opening and Closing Stock Values and your Sales and Delivery costs to calculate your %GP.

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More Reports

We also can provide Sales, Purchases, Adjustments and Loans & RB reports.

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