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Regular Stocktakes

Having regular stocktakes carried out by a professional firm is a very important business tool; one which is all too often overlooked by licensees usually at their peril.

Many believe that having their accounts prepared once a year by an accountant will keep their business on the straight and narrow. Those who follow this course of action are often shocked to find they have not made as much money as they thought over the year and then panic.

Because the licensed trade is essentially a cash industry with relatively low value stock items it is prone to abuse by unscrupulous staff.

Regular stocktakes can identify this so that the client can take remedial action straight away.

Professional Service

At Bar Trade Control our Auditors have many years experience in management and the Licensed Trade. We strive to provide a personal service and make sure you always see the same stocktaker at each visit in as far as possible.

Accuracy is paramount. Therefore all open spirits and kegs are weighed.

Professional Software gives you the detailed information you need.

Same Day on-Site Results are provided so problems can be tackled immediately before they escalate.

Reports may be submitted by Text or Email if you are off-site.

Identifying Problem Areas

Professional stocktaking can identify many problem areas such as excessive wastage and cellar and resource management.

Pilferage or shrinkage is a serious issue in the Licensed Trade, particularly if you consider that 5% shrinkage can reduce profit by 25%.

Theft can take many forms, not all of which are immediately obvious, but professional stocktaking can help you combat this.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports show surplus or deficit on every individual sale item. A deficit can indicate possible pilferage.

These reports also show overall Gross Profit (both as a value and percentage), stock holding value and number of days stock, purchases and credits for each section and for each individual stock item.

Our software can also cope with multi-bar sites, even if each bar has a different pricing structure. Download samples →

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Need an independently audited stock management service? Regular stocktaking? Detailed reporting? Accurate valuations?

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